Class Parents for 2017/18

Saturday October 14

Below is a list of the Class Parents in place for this year. By now, he or she has reached out to you with an introduction, a class list, and request for contact information in order to be included on communications about classroom and school activities. If you have not received information from your Class Parent, please email Jennet Lees at with your child's name and teacher/room number, your name, email address, and phone number.

Any parents of students in Mrs. Umezawa class that are available to be Class Parent are asked to contact Jennet as soon as possible.

  • Mrs. Murray: Jessica Malpica de la Torre
  • Ms. Swail: Kelly McConvey
  • Mrs. Petrowski: Dan McPhee 
  • Mrs. Schulz: Katey Witt
  • Ms. Lawson: Kelly Hoey
  • Mrs. Bell: Malgosia McKenzie and Megan Cassidy
  • Ms. Cochrane: Emily McInnes and Malgosia McKenzie
  • Mrs. Baigent: Mirjana Dingwall
  • Mrs. Childs: Erica Spencer
  • Mr. McClure: Carolyn Bennett
  • Ms. Chawla: Kristy Beresford