Garden School Letter - Virtual Library Learnmark

Monday November 5

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Did you know that your child can get help from their school library even when they’re not at school?

The TDSB Virtual Library has carefully selected resources, to enhance your child’s learning, that can be accessed online anytime, anywhere.

This week, we will be sending the 2018-19 Virtual Library Learnmark home to you, which includes passwords your child will need to access some Virtual Library resources from home. Please keep the Learnmark in a place where you and your child can easily find it.

 QuickFinds, Search, Spaces, Inquiry.

The Virtual Library is designed to help your child find:

  • Curriculum relevant online resources/tools to help with projects, homework, and to encourage reading and viewing in a variety of formats for K to 12 learners -eBooks, database articles, streamed media, and online tools (find them in QUICK FINDS and in SEARCH)
  • Subject links to help with math practice, games, homework (find them in SEARCH)
  • Resources for starting an inquiry or research project (find them in INQUIRY and SEARCH)
  • Reading suggestions, student book reviews and lots more! (find them in SPACES -K-6 or 7 -12)

There are 3 ways students and parents/guardians can find the Virtual Library:

  1. TDSB Public site ( - Find Your School - the Virtual Library link is on the left.
  2. AW (, login using student number and network password. Click on the My Home tab. The Virtual Library link is on the left.
  3. Search online for “school name” TDSB virtual library

For more information about how to use the Virtual Library with your child at home, we’ve created a section on the site just for you! From the homepage, look for the orange Spaces and choose the white Parent button.

Orange Spaces home page square with an arrow highlighting the white "Parent" button.

If you’d like to learn more about the Virtual Library and your school’s library resources, please contact Carrie Cox, Garden Avenue’s Teacher-Librarian.

Garden School Letter - 2018-19 Virtual Library Learnmark