Something Wonderful!

Sunday December 2

It's not always easy to be in the know about the great things that are happening at school. So, in case your kids haven't shared this with you, take a moment to read about "Something Wonderful" - a school-wide program set up by the amazing Ms. Cox, which will be running throughout December. The TDSB character trait focus for December is Kindness and Caring. Please talk to your kids about Something Wonderful and help them come up with ideas for their acts of kindness!

Something Wonderful: Student and teacher partnerships

Something wonderful is here, Garden! From December 3 through until December 21, every person within our Garden community, staff and students alike, will be paired with another person or two. As an entire school we want to spread the idea of sharing conscious acts of kindness with each other while also introducing you to students in different classes that you might not yet know, and so, throughout the month of December, you can think of and do a kind act (or two, or seven!) for your partner.

As you complete these kind acts, you can then write what you did on a special star that will go up on the 1st floor display outside the office. Your classroom teacher will have the stars for you to fill in. As an added bonus, we’ve paired up classes, so that your class may choose to do a kind act for the class you’ve been partnered with.

Some ideas could be:

  • Making a card for your partner
  • Playing a game with your partner at recess
  • Reading a book together at recess
  • Tidying up their classroom as a class

Our challenge to all of you is to fill up our display with stars from all of your kind acts!