School Council

Participating in council gives you the chance to help shape and grow our school community. Share your ideas, energy and time in any way you can. We will be electing a new council and all positions are open nomination (or volunteers). We ask you to complete any nominations online. If you are already registered here on our new School Council website, you will soon be receiving an invitation to participate in a survey which contains a section on School Council nominations. If you have not yet registered, please do so now in order to receive this survey and complete a nomination form. The deadline for nominations is Friday, September 21, 2018.

Please note that simply by being the parent/guardian of a current Garden Avenue student you are a member at large of the School Council. As a member at large you are always welcome to participate in the monthly Council meetings.

Elected positions are described below. There are many other non-elected positions that are also available for the coming year (e.g., Volunteer, Fun Fair, & Fundraising Coordinators)—so please come to the meeting to learn more!

Council Chair

Role: Oversees all meetings and council activities. Meets with Principal monthly or as needed to keep informed and discuss school happenings.

Time commitment: Averages 1-3 hours per week plus 6 Garden Parent Council meetings. Can vary greatly depending what activities are happening and on the level of support from other council members and school community.


Role: Balance the Council’s books, collect, count and deposit proceeds from fundraisers, make payments, prepare and present budget to council. 

Time commitment: Averages 1-3 hours per week plus 6 Garden Parent Council meetings.

Ward 7 Representative(s)

Role: Attend Ward 7 meetings and report back to the Council with current Ward 7 issues or educational concerns.

Time commitment: 2 hour meeting every 6-8 weeks at a local school; 6 Garden Parent Council meetings; and, Preparing the update for council: 1 hour per month.


Role: Attend all council meetings and take notes. Circulate notes for approval at following meeting, make any needed edits and forward for posting on website.

Time commitment: Attend 6 council meetings and take notes, send a couple of follow-up emails. If notes are taken on a laptop there is little to do outside of the meetings.